Document family histories with GeneLeaf

GeneLeaf is a cloud-based application designed to support the analysis of hereditary relationships through a standard pedigree format. Genetics is the study of family relationships which transfer the information that determines the phenotype of each individual in form of discrete hereditary units called genes. Pedigree diagrams allow relationships to be quickly and efficiently documented in a standardized format. In these diagrams, the relationships between individuals are represented through a simplfied set of symbols, related through lines. Gene Leaf enables users to quickly capture information in this form through an intuitive user interface, which supports rapid entry of information.

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Universal Standards

Family history diagrams support universally recognized standards for pedigree diagrams.

Data Driven Layout

GeneLeaf supports a robust data model which automatically updates diagrams on change detection.

Custom data fields

Support for custom data fields and formatting rules

Formatting Rules

Create custom rules for display of individual information and formatting of icons

Smart Analytics

Support for customizable analysis of family histories.



GeneLeaf supports customized output reports to suit your needs.

File format support

GeneLeaf supports a variety of file formats including PNG, SVG and PDF.


GeneLeaf lets you store data offline as a file to prevent any data from being exposed online.




Rapidly add and update family members.


Update user data fields.


Add custom formatting rules.


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